4 Inspiring Budget Travel Bloggers To Follow in 2020

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Whether you’re dreaming of quitting your office job to travel on a backpacking adventure or want advice on the way to continue as many low-cost holidays as possible throughout the year, there’s the inspiration for everybody from our’ 4 best budget travel bloggers’.

Budget travel tip: If your flight has been delayed by three hours or more within the last six years, you’ll claim up compensation to hide the value of your next adventure.

1. Johnny – One Step 4ward

Since leaving Ireland in 2006, Johnny has worked, volunteered and backpacked around quite 100 countries – all while running his digital media company and blog from his laptop. Also, as writing informative (and often very funny) accounts of his adventures, Johnny provides detailed and practical advice on how we will all earn money and follow our travel dreams at an equivalent time.

Why do you have to take his advice? Because Johnny made $1million in only three years from travel blogging. A self-proclaimed ‘digital nomad’, Johnny is an idea for anyone who dreads going back to figure on a Monday morning and fantasises about travelling the planet instead.

Although Johnny is by no means living on a shoestring lately, he did start on his adventures without receiving financial help from anyone else. He went from being a ‘broke’ English teacher to owning properties in London and Bangkok, all while travelling the world.

2. Yaya and Lloyd – Backpack Only

The list of destinations available Luggage Only is one among the foremost extensive out there; Yaya and Lloyd have covered tons of ground between them. Most of the posts are available the shape of tips and proposals too, so they’re an excellent resource for people that want to understand about the simplest things to ascertain and neutralise a specific place.

Hand Luggage Only focuses on efficient travel; both Yaya and Lloyd sleep in London, but they manage to travel daily by making the foremost of short weekend breaks, cheap flights and therefore the Eurostar. They’re as hooked into photography as they’re about travel so that they also post great recommendations on how you’ll make the foremost of photo opportunities when you’re away.

If this post has inspired you to urge packing and see what the planet has got to offer, Yaya and Lloyd even have a handy tool on their site that helps you to plan your next journey, showing all the varied methods of travel, how long they take and the way much they cost.

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3. Neil – Backpacks and Bunkbeds

Not quite able to quit your job to travel travelling? Neither is Neil from Backpacks and Bunkbeds, but that hasn’t stopped him visiting 42 countries within the last ten years. Neil’s blog is filled with practical advice on the way to escape a minimum of fourfold a year through backpacking, hostels, volunteering, road trips and weekend breaks – all while holding down a 9-5 job.

Select an area you’re curious about from Neil’s long list of destinations to ascertain hostel reviews, things to learn and do, maps, directions and money-saving tips; including the way to budget in expensive cities. You’ll also watch the entertaining and informative vlogs that Neil’s created, featuring videos about seeing Paris by Segway, travelling from London to Venice by Train and budget snowboarding in Bulgaria.

4. Janice Waugh – Solo Traveler

Solo Traveler isn’t just a blog; it’s a web community where people that travel the planet by themselves can share tips, and exchange stories and resources. Janice Waugh’s love of travel combined with personal loss and ‘an empty nest’ inspired her to ascertain the planet solo, and make the web community for likeminded travellers.

Janice’s posts on travelling solo on a budget are practical and well-written; going into great detail about how anyone can economise while they travel, but also specific information for people that go it alone. Also has her blog, Janice is that the author of ‘The Solo Traveler’s Handbook’ which aspiring lone wolves can purchase on Amazon.

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