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At Makanai Ramen Noodle House, we serve authentic Japanese dishes and have a great selection including ramen noodles, udon and soba noodles, donburis (rice dishes), curries and bento boxes.

All our dishes are a true reflection of traditional Japanese home-style meals from different regions around Japan using only the most fresh and best quality ingredients.

We pride ourselves in our flavours brought out in our soups and sauces.

Makanai’s menu captures a lot of the most popular Japanese dishes you would expect to experience on your travels there. We have tempura entree’s and desserts like mochi - (rice cake sweets) with various fillings.

As Makanai Ramen Noodle House suggests, we are famous for our ramen which come with different toppings and 3 differnt types of soups. Also for those who like to challenge themselves with sheat, we have the spicy range too.

Our soup noodle range extends to Udon and Soba (buckwheat noodle).

For those who prefer rice, Makanai offers a wide range of popular rice dishes like teriyaki chicken, wagyu beef or katsu.

If you’ve never tried Japanese curry, it’s very different to the more common indian curries. They are very aromatic but not too spicy. Makanai’s curries have a very smooth consistency and quite buttery.

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Ohhh, ramen. Do you love ramen? Sydney's No.1 Japanese ramen

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History of Makanai

Makanai first opened it's doors in Chatswood on September 2011 and was a popular family restaurant. After operating for 3 years, it closed it's doors n September 2014 due to the Westfield Redevelopment.

When the redevelopment was complete, Makanai returned inside the new Hawker Lane foodcourt, serving ramen again from Novemeber 2015 and continues to be a popular restaurant.

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